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Lash Bubble Bath Shampoo & Brush

Sienna Beauty's Bubble Bath is a essential for every lash client and technician to keep the lashes clean and fresh!


For maximum retention, always clean the clients lashes using our bubble bath lash shampoo before lash extension application.

Our Sensitive Lash Shampoo is the perfect product for lash artists to use prior to lash extension application. The shampoo is also great for your clients' aftercare regimes. 

To use, simply apply the cleansing foam to lashes and brush Remove all soapy residue by rinsing well with water after cleansing.

  • Removes makeup, oils and residue to cleanse the lashes before and after extension.
  • Ideal for both full sets and for infills.
  • Oil-free
  • Size: 50ml

Lash Bubble Bath Shampoo & Brush


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